Friday, February 27, 2009

Prayer Request

Please pray for EricsWife2005, she just got news that she may be having a miscarriage. Please pray for her, her baby, and her family!

Karly has her first OB appointment on Monday 3.2.09, please be in prayer that she will hear nothing but good news!

GP Prayer Group! **Updated w/ PR

This blog was created for the women on GP to come together under the power of prayer! There will be weekly prayer/praise updates as well as emergency updates. Be sure to follow us so you can get constant updates. I will be updating weekly on Monday mornings.

If you want to join this prayer group, comment with your name, age, TTC#, how long you have been trying for and if available your blog address. I will match up new members with a prayer partner that you can begin praying for and hopefully getting to know a little better!

If you ever have any emergency prayers that need to be heard, email me at I will post them on the blog as soon as I get them!

We also want to know about upcoming doctor's visits, tests, etc.

**I forgot to mention the first time, I will be pairing up the Prayer Partners Sunday night so make sure you get your post in before then. And if you don't make it this week, every week we will have new members and new partners matched!!

Be sure to update us by either email or comments and I will add the updates to the blog. I really want this to be a way for the Christ followers on GP to come together and build relationships, so we want to congratulate you on anniversaries, birthdays, new jobs, EVERYTHING! Feel free to include that info too.

****************PRAYER REQUEST******************

Rebecca Mc: For my Nana who has been fighting cancer for the last few years and recently was in remission and the had a heart attack Sunday morning. My Papa did CPR for 10 minutes and then the EMTs came and did it for another 35 minutes. We don't know if she has any brain function. :(

Joy-For my 80 yr old grandmother and my 53 yr old step-mother, both who have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer in the last week and are beginning surgical treatment soon. We don't know yet how bad the cancer is, but my step-mother's tumor has caused her left kidney to fail.

Mandy- I have a prayer request for my brother. He was in a very bad snowmobile accident late Weds night, where they say, he is lucky to be alive. We were told that he crashed head on with another snowmobile and ended up 40 feet from his snowmobile. Apparently he flew through the air and then rolled, at which time he had thought he had broken his neck. His snowmobile is completely destroyed but thankfully he is in one piece. He is quite sore and has been in bed the last couple of days and likely will be for quite a few more days but I pray that God heals him at this time as well as makes him turn to God at this time as he is a Born again Christian but hasn't been living fully for God lately.

Jaymee- Would like prayers for my godmothers sister who is 85 and had a brain aneurysm. She is on life support and they are thinking of taking her off. Also, for my 4 cousins. My Aunt died December 11th at the age of 46 from a blood clot. They are still trying to live on without her and could use some more prayers.

Let's be prayerful than God heals these family members!