Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekly Update!

Sorry it has taken two weeks to update, I (nykki) have been doing some traveling and had a lot to deal with lately! :)

QOTW- What is your favorite scripture and why?

New Prayer Partners:
AML and Caren

Jess and Tarra

Andrea and Tobi and Sara

Prayer Requests:

Tarra-I would like prayer for patience. This is one of my big issues. With TTC, waiting for DH to graduate, moving, my school. You name it, I am impatient about it. Also, finals are coming up, and I definitely need prayer for that!

Lauren- Please pray for me because DH and I have to go to our one year not KU yet appts next week and I am really worried that something is really wrong. Plaese pray that all goes well and that I can get KU soon.

Brigitte-DH and I got kind of a rough diagnosis and could use an extra prayer.

Joy-A further update: My stepmom is going into surgery on Monday to remove the ureter tumor that is confirmed malignant. They will probably take her left kidney and ovaries, and do not know yet if her tumor is primary to the ureter or metastasized from elsewhere. They have also found nodules in her lung bases in addition to the lump in her breast, both of which will have to be dealt with after her surgery. We are very scared, and praying for strength and healing. My grandmother continues to do well, she is at home and recovering, and will be starting chemotherapy soon. God has been faithful and merciful, and we give him the glory. We are all in need of your prayers- Thank you so much, and God bless you all.

Mrs. Gardner- Please keep DH and his extended family in your prayers. We just found out that his uncle committed suicide tonight. It is a huge shock to the family. We just can't believe it. Thanks for the prayers.

Nykki- I am currently waiting to hear back from some job prospects, please pray that I get a job SOON!

Amy-I have two prayer requests: 1) I have an appt. with a "fertility nurse" on Wednesday to discuss our next step(s). So far b/w and u/s came back normal. Praise God! 2) I am a teacher, and the upcoming budgets are not looking so good for my district, area, and really, the whole state. Please pray that my job is safe since I am on the lower end of the seniority scale.

Bats- i'd like to request some help in praying for my prayer partner, AutumnBride.... she's waiting to ovulate so she and her husband may begin the IUI process.. and is becoming very anxious and frustrated. let's send her some love and peace!


Mrs. Gardner- I went to check on an application for subbing and got offered a better oppurtunity: to teach! Of course, I will have to go back to school, but only for about a year. God is great!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Prayer Partners! **New PR**

If you are just joining us, click here for more information!!

Ok, here is this list of prayer partners, each week when we all update our prayer requests make sure to pray, pray, PRAY for your partner!!

Heather and Missy

Karly and Christina

Erin and Katie and Melissa

Rebecca and Kayla

Vanessa and Kristin

Bethany and Sally

Nykki and Lauren

Amanda and Jayme

Kami and Nova

Amy and Brigitte

Kristin and Niki

Jennie Marie and LaTonya

Autumnbride and Stephanie

Jamie and Joy

You can connect via email, by posting in the comments, or however you would like to get connected! I just ask that you take this seriously and pray for your partner, if you do not think you will be able to commit to praying for them, send me an email and we can find them a new partner!

New members- Leave your name, age, cycle #, and blog address in the comments section, I will try to get you set up with a partner a.s.a.p!

Be sure to leave any upcoming events, prayer requests and/or praises in the comments section, they will be added to this post as I receive them!

Upcoming events- Karly's doctors appointment todaY!!!!

Prayer requests-
Eric'swife on GP- continue praying for her and her family, she may be having a miscarriage.
Rebecca Mc: For my Nana who has been fighting cancer for the last few years and recently was in remission and the had a heart attack Sunday morning. My Papa did CPR for 10 minutes and then the EMTs came and did it for another 35 minutes. We don't know if she has any brain function. :(

Joy-For my 80 yr old grandmother and my 53 yr old step-mother, both who have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer in the last week and are beginning surgical treatment soon. We don't know yet how bad the cancer is, but my step-mother's tumor has caused her left kidney to fail.

Mandy- I have a prayer request for my brother. He was in a very bad snowmobile accident late Weds night, where they say, he is lucky to be alive. We were told that he crashed head on with another snowmobile and ended up 40 feet from his snowmobile. Apparently he flew through the air and then rolled, at which time he had thought he had broken his neck. His snowmobile is completely destroyed but thankfully he is in one piece. He is quite sore and has been in bed the last couple of days and likely will be for quite a few more days but I pray that God heals him at this time as well as makes him turn to God at this time as he is a Born again Christian but hasn't been living fully for God lately.

Jaymee- Would like prayers for my godmothers sister who is 85 and had a brain aneurysm. She is on life support and they are thinking of taking her off. Also, for my 4 cousins. My Aunt died December 11th at the age of 46 from a blood clot. They are still trying to live on without her and could use some more prayers.

Heather-General prayer request. My Dad found out yesterday that he has to have a pace maker put in. He is very freaked out about it. Please pray for a safe surgery and for God's calm for my Dad. Thanks Ladies!

Jaymee- General Prayer request. For my cousin who has cancer. He is 34, and it has spread pretty quickly throughout his body. He is such an inspiration because he has such a positive attitude. Also, for my aunt, uncle, his two brothers, and the rest of the family. Thanks

Joy- Prayer Request Update: My Grandmother, Joyce, has come through surgery very well. Her final diagnosis is Primary Peritoneal Cancer, which is very similar to ovarian cancer, and is very treatable. Last Friday, the surgeon removed a number of 1mm tumors from the inside of her abdomen, and a large tumor near one of her intestines. She is recovering well and starting chemotherapy soon. We have been giving so much thanks and praise to God for her condition, and we continue to pray for strength for the fight ahead
My stepmother is still waiting for the doctors to figure out exactly what to do, she is being very patient and strong, and we are all praying for a definitive diagnosis and a plan of action.

Thanks for all your help, Ladies.

Autumnbride's husband's surgery was a GREAT success! God is amazing!! Let's give God thanks for the great things he has done!!